Epic Failure

This weekend, my mother and I felt a little adventurous and decided to try a new dessert recipe. My mom was at a party and tried a white chocolate covered cookie ball (or at least that’s what I call it). She immediately loved them and asked the lady who brought them for the recipe. The lady said she found the recipe on Pinterest and all the recipe called for was cream cheese and chocolate cookie crumbs formed into a ball and then dipped into white chocolate. My mother, who is one of the best bakers I know, said that the recipe sounded simple and easy for her to replicate and make on her own.  Here is where our adventure begins.


 I couldn’t find the recipe on Pinterest, but that was alright because my mom said she could do it without. We bought a package of Oreos and removed the cream middle from each cookie and threw the outsides into a blender. We mixed up all the cookies until all we had was crumbs. Then we mixed the cookie’s crumbs together with the cream cheese. When the filling was done we tried it, but something didn’t taste right. The filling had no taste. My mother decided that maybe she misheard the recipe and we needed to add more ingredients. She starts throwing in random amounts of butter, vanilla extract, and sugar. I had no idea where she was going with this, but she seemed confident it in. After blending all that together, the cream still didn’t taste sweet enough, so we added about 2 cups of powdered sugar and mixed that all together. Surprisingly at this point we thought we nailed it, the cream tasted delicious and was the right consistence to form into little balls.


We formed the balls and set them all on a tray in the refrigerator to get hard. While that was going on we started melting the white chocolate. When the white chocolate was ready we dipped and covered all the balls, they looked amazing! We then put the white chocolate covered balls back into the fridge to get hard. After about an hour they were ready to try!


I wish I could tell you what went wrong after that. I took one bite into one and spit it back out! The only way I can describe the taste is to say they had an aluminum taste to them. Strangest thing I have ever tasted, especially coming from my mother’s kitchen.  The white chocolate was good, the filling was good, but together it was a nasty combination. You couldn’t give these cookie balls away.


This video sums up pretty much what happened in our kitchen that day.


If any of my fellow Pinterest recipe bloggers know the recipe I am talking about and attempted to make, maybe you could help me find it so my mother and I can try to do it again with the right ingredients.  My lesson has been learned and I will not try another recipe from Pinterest without the direct ingredients and instructions.


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